Sunday, January 6, 2019

How do we cultivate empowerment in our lives?

Do you have an internal or an external lotus of control? The more we take responsibility for what we can and cannot control the more choices we have and the more empowered we become. We cannot expect to change other people and we have little control over the weather but the more we take time to expand our awareness around our choices, our attitudes, our emotions and our behaviours the more we can tap into the power we do have to make things happen in our lives.
People with an internal lotus of control believe that what happens to them is largely a consequence of their own actions. People with an external lotus of control believe that what happens to them is a result of outside factors. An external lotus of control can sometimes make an individual feel victimized by the world and by his or her circumstances. For sure there are many times when things just happen without any action on our part. The key is to identify our predominant tendency in this area and balance that out to “our advantage”.
The self reflection involved in the coaching process can help you develop awareness about your own beliefs and attitudes around control.


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