Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How Deep Listening from a Coach Can Help you Reach your Goals!

What is deep listening?

-       It is listening with an authentic desire to learn about the other person.
-       It is always without judgement, with open-minded, genuinely interested attention.
-       It is listening with the intention of hearing all relevant and important information.
-       It is listening to better grasp purpose, interest and motivation.
-       It is listening from a deep, receptive and caring place.
-       It is generous, empathic, supportive and accurate.
-       It trusts in the relevance of the client’s experience.
-       It is asking powerful, open ended questions that allow the client to go deeper into his or her experience.

How does it support the client?

-       It gives the client a safe space to explore and reflect on his/her reality and experience.
-       It creates the trusting environment necessary for growth.
-       It allows the client to develop his or her own skills of non-judgment, compassion and empathy.
-       It encourages creativity and cultivates a spirit of openness to more possibilities.
-       It creates an environment allowing the client to honestly examine his or her reality and confidently identify obstacles, challenges and solutions.

A good coach will work regularly on developing the skill of deep listening in order to support the best possible outcome for her clients.

She will incorporate daily practices in her life allowing her to develop and master this all-important skill.  Some of these practices might include, mindfulness, meditation and paying close attention to how she listens in all her relationships.

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