Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Mindset Is Key

Setting a clear and specific goal can seem like a no brainer.  Easy enough right?  I want to lose weight. I want to find a job I love.  I want to improve my relationship with my sister. 
But to get to where you want to go, you have to know from where you are starting.  And I am not talking about the external, physical realities which are important of course and will have to be addressed.  For now, I am talking about your thoughts, beliefs and mindset.

You see if you tell me you want to lose weight, but you are convinced it can’t happen, we are going to have to spend some time getting you to change your mindset.  You can start making changes in your diet, but the lasting changes won’t happen until you own the right mindset. 

More often than not clients will say to me, I know what to do…so why can’t I do it.

Well the answer to that is simple…because you’re listening to the parts of your mind that are saying you can’t. 

Here are some questions you can start asking yourself to help you identify limiting beliefs and move toward a winner’s mindset.

What negative thoughts keep showing up around my goals?

What are my beliefs about my strengths and challenges?  Are these fact or fiction?

What do I think is holding me back from accomplishing what I want?  Are these things in or out of my control?

What environmental, social, cultural or familial beliefs am I hanging on to that are getting in my way?

Once you start developing some self-awareness around your thoughts and beliefs, you can start working on changing them.

In my next blog post, I will be sharing some strategies for creating that empowering mindset.

Joanne :)


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