Thursday, April 25, 2019

Day 6 - Revisiting our goals

About a month and a half ago I set a goal for myself from a place of fear and panic.


As I have mentioned before,  when setting goals, think....

SMART = Specific + measurable + attainable + realistic + time bound.

Now because I was in a state of panic about a certain issue in my life, I set a goal from an emotionally reactive place...and....when we do that, more often then not, the goal, and or action steps to reach that goal, will not meet the "realistic" or "attainable" criteria.

In this particular case I had set a timeline for myself that was unrealistic, and in doing that, had also created a plan and action steps, that were also, unrealistic.

As the days went by, and I put my plan into action, I started becoming stressed, angry and resentful of the people around me.

I have come to know, that when I start feeling resentful about "anything" it's time to get CURIOUS and ask myself some questions.

So I decided to visit a friend and had a discussion with her about what other "choices" I had around reaching this goal.

How could I adjust my timeline?
What were my options in terms of action steps?
How could I reach my goal in a way that made me feel enthusiastic instead of resentful?

The great thing about talking to some one when you are wanting to plan out how to reach a specific goal, is that it can give you some new insights and open up possibilities you had not previously considered.

By the end of the evening I had set a new, much SMARTER goal...and I woke up this morning feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm and positivity.

So,  a few important things to remember when setting and moving towards your goals.

  • Don't set goals and action steps from an emotionally reactive state.
  • And don't be afraid to revisit and adjust you goals and action steps should you think it necessary. 
Create an awesome day!


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