Saturday, April 27, 2019

Day 8 - Dealing with discomfort

One of the things I struggle the most with when I am working on achieving a goal, is not giving up when I start experiencing uncomfortable feelings.

When we are trying to change, or reach a goal, less then desirable feelings are going to show up.  Depending on our goals, our bodies, minds and emotions will be in the process of adapting and learning a new way of doing things.

This means were sometimes going to...

  • feel vulnerable
  • crave that thing we are trying to give up
  • feel cranky
  • feel moody
  • feel disappointed
  • feel discouraged
  • feel rejected 
I sometimes interpret these feelings as meaning I'm not on the right path and that I should automatically rethink what I set out to do.  But that is often not the case.

A simple example is when I am trying to give up carbs.  The first few days are though.  I feel tired and sluggish and my cravings are over the top.  But, I know from experience, that I just have to get through those few days and then I will start feeling better.  

How can you support yourself in pushing through the discomforts and move towards reaching your goal?

Here is a tool I've created to help you do just that.  

I have filled out the document to give you an idea of how to use it.  It's super important to be very honest with yourself when completing this exercise.  

You can refer to it anytime an uncomfortable feeling starts weakening your resolve. 

More often then not, just going through this process will help you face and conquer whatever discomfort is showing up for you.  And the more often you do this, the more automatic it will become.  And you will notice that you can transfer this new skill to any goal you set for yourself. 

Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden, authors of "Life Coaching - A cognitive behavioural approach",  have named this skill, HFT - High frustration tolerance.  

They argue that it is one of the most important "determinants of increased personal effectiveness".

If you are interested in a free, downloadable, copy of this tool, send me an email at:

Create an awesome day!

Joanne :)


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