Saturday, May 4, 2019

Day 14 - You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

This is a quote form Jim Rohn, a entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.  I don't remember exactly when and in what context I heard these words but I do remember that they very much resonated with me.
I just spent the morning having a conversation with a friend whom I very much respect and admire. She is the type of person who loves to challenge herself.  When she is faced with a less then desirable situation, she has a talent for turning it into a learning experience that allows her to come out the other side, stronger and more determined.
After spending time with her, I always feel energized and motivated.
We might think that spending time with friends, releasing pent up frustrations, is productive.  But more often then not, it just turns into a "bitching session" that depletes our energy.  I have never spent an hour talking about what is wrong in my world and come out feeling better.  And unfortunately, it is something that I have done far too often.  If I am writing about it this morning, it is because it is a behaviour that I can easily fall into and one that I have to intentionally work at changing.
When I am around women, who take responsibility for their lives, and are solutions focused, it motivates me to do the same.
I've read that the people you associate with can determine up to 95% of your success or failure.
One of the areas of self-care we should attend to is "social". 
Surrounding ourselves with women who inspire us to be our best selves is one of the best ways of doing just that. 

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