Thursday, May 9, 2019

Day 19 - Energy

This morning I woke up reflecting on personal growth.  It's a topic that fascinates me and that has been a passion of mine for years.  And it is the fundamental reason I find myself in the coaching business.
At the core of my fascination with personal growth is a belief that we are energy and that we are interconnected through that energy.  Not only to others but to a universal energy.  Or as some call it, a higher consciousness.  This might be a subjective concept.  There is much debate amongst great thinkers and scientists as to the existence of a "higher consciousness", but it is something that I personally and for my own reasons believe in.
There is energy that destroys...lower vibrations that resonate from hate, jealousy, guilt, anger.
There is energy that creates...higher level vibrations that resonate form love, joy, compassion.
We instinctively know and feel this energy but we are not always conscious of it.
We can be in a state of lower vibrational energy and feel its effect in our lives without consciously realizing that this is going on.
Our challenge as humans is to grow towards awareness of how this energy is manifesting within and around us so that we can harness it.  As we learn to harness it, we allow ourselves to move from the lower level vibrations towards the higher level ones.
Solutions and creativity happen from a higher vibrational state of being.
It's not that we should not feel the lower vibrations and emotions that are related.  These indicate that something needs to be addressed.  We are not meant to stay in a state of anger or guilt.  But to identify these feelings because they are an indication of something we need to address or work on in ourselves.
We do not find ourselves in a lower energy state because of something that happened outside of us.  The outside event is the trigger.  But the trigger is there to alert us to the work we have to do within.
When we connect with these higher level energies within ourselves, we start to connect with the matching universal energy and the higher level energies of those around us.  This creates a synergy that exponentially increases the power of that energy.  That's when miracles happen.
That's when solutions are found, problems are resolved, great art is created.  In this state we feel joy, enthusiasm and hope.
Our life's purpose is to learn how to harness the power of these higher vibrations.  As we do we become part of a collective creative potential.  Everything in our lives, everything we experience, is an opportunity to learn how to do just that.
Create an awesome day!


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