Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Day 24 - Focus, perception and self-awareness

What we focus on influences our perception of reality.  Check out the following video.
The Monkey Business Illusion
As we focus on counting the passes we can completely miss the Monkey.
How often does this happen in our everyday lives?
What can cause us to "miss the monkey"?
When we walk into a situation, let's say an interaction with another person, we bring to that situation passed emotions, beliefs and thoughts.  These act as filters to how we perceive what is actually happening.
Humans have a natural tendency too look for proof that their beliefs are true.  It's what's called Confirmation Bias.
Our moods can affect how we judge a situation.
When information is missing we often fill in the blanks based on passed experiences.
Now missing a Monkey in a video is no big deal.  Missing essential information when making a decision or interacting with our environment can have huge consequences.
How do we avoid this?  It can be as simple as asking ourselves a few questions.
Here are some examples.
What information am I missing?
How are my beliefs influencing my thoughts and reactions right now?
If I were to look at this situation from a completely different point of view, what would I notice?
What am I feeling right now?  How is that affecting my behaviour and my actions?
Is my current perception helpful, constructive?  Is it 100% accurate?
Where is my focus?
Becoming mindful of where our focus is and how it can be influencing our perceptions is a step towards self-awareness.   And self-awareness is key to making your dreams and goals a reality.
Create an awesome day!


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