Sunday, May 19, 2019

Day 29 - The damselfly

The damselfly/dragonfly took on a special meaning for me in the spring of 2006.
I invite you to follow the following link were I describe in detail why that was.
After that serendipitous encounter, I began to research the damselfly.  I needed and wanted to know more and what I discovered made this chance meeting all the more meaningful.
The damselfly/dragonfly symbolizes change, emotional maturity, adaptability and self-realization.
It's incredible wings make it the most powerful navigators among all the flying insects.  It can fly in all directions, fly backwards and through rough winds.  For this reason it is associated with direction and purpose through challenging and difficult times.
Damselflies have incredible eye sight.  Each of their two large eyes is made up of thousands of six sided units.  This allows them to have near 360 degree vision, detect the smallest of movements and see the world in ultra-multicolour.  Hence, it's connection to curiosity, mental agility and the ability to view experiences or problems from all angles in order to decide the best approach.
In Japan, the dragonfly is considered a symbol of strength and courage.
An encounter with a damselfly can mean that she is sending you a challenge, to trust in the experience and to open yourself up to what life has to offer.
The way she scurries across water represents the act of going beyond what is on the surface and looking into the more profound meanings and implications of life.
The iridescent nature of the dragonfly holds a magical element.  This characteristic links it to the unmasking of the real self and honouring one's true identity.
After discovering all of this symbolism surrounding the dragonfly, I was humbled and incredibly grateful to have witnessed her transformation.  She has since become my spirit animal and a powerful force in my life.
Two years ago, on a trip to Ecuador, I was lucky enough to witness a huge swarm of dragonflies.  There must have been hundreds if not thousands of them flying in all directions. 
I had never seen anything like it....
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