Monday, May 13, 2019

Day 23 - Patience

Today I am reflecting on the relevance of patience when moving towards our goals.  Without patience we do not allow ourselves the time necessary to make informed decisions.  We can expect and want things to happen faster then they can or even should.
Impatience is kind of like an anxiety that sets in, that gives us the impression that things should be different then they are.  When we behave and live from a place of patience we:
Give ourselves time to reflect and clear our thoughts.
We allow emotions such as fear and confusion to settle, so that we can better assess where we are.
We allow uncomfortable feelings to be, without judging them or ourselves.
We trust that we have the capability to work through challenging times.
We know that to accomplish or get something we have never had, we will have to develop mindsets and or skills allowing us to do just that.  And we respect that this takes time.
We often hear that getting out of our comfort zone is a good thing. This is because new opportunities and growth exist outside of our areas of familiarity.
It is therefore important to realize that impatience might show up when we are courageous enough to push through what is familiar towards what is unknown.
Create an awesome day!


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