Thursday, May 2, 2019

Day 13 - Gratitude

Today I've decided to make this post about gratitude.
What am I grateful for?

  • My puppy Caramelle who is sleeping right beside me.
  • My cute house I bought 6 years ago, that still feels like it was built for me.
  • My neighbours who are always there if I need something.
  • My orange car...I love the colour orange.
  • The tulips that are growing in my front yard.
  • My two wonderful sons.
  • My friends. 
  • The fact that I live in a country that has one of the best standards of living.
  • The fact that I am retired and now, can do, what I love, when I want.
  • The beach, water, nature.
  • My strengths.
  • My qualities.
Writing all these things down kind of made me smile!  Maybe I should do it more often.....
What are you grateful for?
Create an awesome day.


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