Sunday, February 23, 2020

Ultimate Self-Care

In today's blog, I'm going to dive a bit deeper into my own personal definition of ultimate self-care.

Now, of course I did not invent the concept and I don't claim to have done so.  But, I have spent the past year exploring the topic and I've learned a few things about what it means to take responsibility for our own self-care and just what that might look like in our day to day lives.

Here are a few key elements of ultimate self-care:

"It is explored within a context of deep meaning and purpose."

Ultimate self-care is not simply about attending to our emotional,  physical, and material needs.  It is about connecting to our truth, our core values, and our personal power in order to take full responsibility and ownership of our time on this planet.  As we explore the 6 focus areas (physical, mental, social, emotional, financial and spiritual) of our life from this perspective, we begin to understand our limits, yes, but most of all we begin to realize the full extent of our ability to become the true Master of our life.  We learn to value a mindset that allows us to develop an internal locus of control which, in my opinion, is key to our success and happiness.

All this can seem daunting at first. There are many layers to uncover and a lot of unpacking to do.  This is not a process for the faint-hearted.  But it can be an incredibly exciting and exhilarating life long journey of self-discovery, that allows us to fully and completely embrace every experience of our life.

Wikipedia offers the following philosophical definition of self-care. "Self-care refers to the care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense - focusing in on the soul and knowledge of self."
As we explore this concept of self-care in our life, we are exploring the very essence of what it means to be human.  We are exploring the intimate connection between the Self and Life itself.

As we cultivate Ultimate Self-Care, we open ourselves up to universal co-creation.  The universe responds when we take accountability of our life.  We know we are aligned with this process when we start noticing serendipitous events that support our intentions.

So, how do you even begin this journey?

The first step is embracing the "Ultimate Self-Care" philosophy and mindset by:
  • Opening yourself up to the possibility of becoming the Master of your own life.
  • Opening yourself up to greater self-awareness and knowledge.
  • Opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and living your life.
And above all...beginning from where you are right now, with childlike curiosity and non-judgment. 

For more information and resources on how to explore the concept of "Ultimate Self-Care",  click on the following link.

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