Sunday, March 8, 2020

Self-Hypnosis - My Experience

In this week’s blog, I wanted to share something that happened to me this past week. Fair warning, this might strike some of you as silly woohoo stuff. 😜

For approximately the past six to seven years, I have been using what I guess would be called hypnotherapy, for improving my moods, thoughts and beliefs. I use this app in particular by Andrew Johnson. I’ve linked the site below so you can check it out. I use others also, but there is something about his technique, style and voice that works for me.

His recordings use a combination of relaxation therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, meditation and mindfulness.

I listen to these recordings as I am falling asleep. I do this for a very specific reason. I am trying to increase my chances of entering an alpha and/or theta state.
Let me explain. We all have 5 brain wave frequencies and they are associated with different states of being:
Beta (12 – 27 HZ)): alert and focused activity (wakefulness), thinking, excitement.
Gamma (27 Hz and up): heightened perception, learning, problem solving, cognitive processing.
Alpha (8 – 12Hz): state of physical and mental relaxation

Theta (3-8 Hz): light sleep or deep relaxation; daydreaming and REM dream state; ideal for self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Delta ( less than 3 Hz): deep dreamless sleep

Apparently, when we enter the lower brain wave frequencies of alpha and theta, suggestions made during hypnotherapy can bypass our critical mind and alter our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. And that is what I am trying to accomplish. My goal is to replace outdated limiting thoughts and beliefs with ones that are positive and empowering.

It has been suggested that even if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind receives the ideas proposed by the hypnotherapist or self-hypnosis recordings.

Now, the reason I've been using this technique off and on for over 6 years is because I have found that when I do, I feel better. My mood seems to improve and I'm often more successful at accomplishing my goals.

But what happened last week kind of took it to a new level....

I had been listening to three different tracks on the app, one on motivation, one on self-belief and one on positivity. I set it up so that it keeps looping and playing automatically and stops after about an hour. I usually never make it through all the tracks without falling asleep. Most of the time, I get so relaxed listening to his voice that I fall asleep within 10 minutes.

Now, when I use these apps, I don't spend my days analyzing whether they are having an impact or not. I just go about my business and sometimes I have an AH! HA! moment and realize something has shifted or changed.

And I had a pretty significant AH! HA! moment a few days ago.

During the last week of February, I had a burst of inspiration and decided to reorganize my living space and create a working area for myself. Now for over 5 years, I had gotten into the habit of working, sitting on my sofa, hunched over my computer set on a small, round coffee table.
But all of a sudden on that particular day, I looked at my foldable dinning table against the wall and thought "Why don't I turn that into a desk?" I had purchased these super comfy cute chairs at Pier One when I moved in but I had put them away in another room. I decided that one of them would make a perfect chair to work in. I added a pillow so it would be just the right height for when I was working at my computer. I got a desk mat to put on the desk, and took out my organizers and pens and everything I needed to be productive. I was like a little girl organizing a doll house. I love my new spot. It's where I write this blog now and I am getting so much work done. I remember thinking, wow! I am having a great week. I feel so motivated.
My old space!

My new space!

And I seriously never connected the dots to the hypnosis.
And then this happened....
One night I was listening to my app and I could not fall asleep. For this reason, I was able to consciously hear and be aware of, word for word what was being said. Now, I am being 100% honest when I write, that up to that point, I had no conscious awareness of hearing the following narration.
Here it is:
“I want you to create a space for success. And inner space, just for you. For building successful habits, thoughts and behaviours. In this space, you will need a desk to work on and a chair. Create the desk and chair now. What is the desk made of? What colour is it? What is the chair made of? What colour is it? Make sure it is comfortable. Sit down now at your desk. Make sure you are sitting comfortably. What do you need on your desk? Make sure you have what you need on your desk. Make sure you have everything you need to be productive and driven and successful whilst remaining relaxed, calm and centered.”

Personally, I was mind blown by this experience. I do believe that we can use strategies to reprogram our brain and that self-hypnosis can be one of those strategies. I use these apps because I believe they work. I had always noticed an improvement in my thinking and mood when I listened to them on a regular basis. But, I had never experienced such a concrete, observable impact on my behaviour.
I could dismiss the entire thing and tell myself it was an irrelevant coincidence. But I am not going to do that. My story is anecdotal and does not prove that self-hypnosis does work. But it is my experience and I trust it.
If you are at all curious, try it for yourself! 😉

Lots of Love

Joanne 💗

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